Women Living Bravely

Message from Dare to Dream 2018

Listen to Gemma (and Lesley Biehn) share at the most recent BraveLife event.

Dare to Dream

by Gemma Law | BraveLife 2018

What We’re About

Here in the BraveLife community, we’re about Women living bravely and being who they were created to be.  We believe women should possess the courage to connect, grow, and give bravely within their community 

Our Vision:  Bringing women together in Unity, encouraging them to walk in bravery in their own lives and their city 

Our Mission:  To reach and help those in need within our city 

Meet Our Lead Team

Gemma Law
Jane Sinden
Melissa McLaren
Marjorie Wilson
Terri Russell
Bev LeClaire
Diane Berkers
Krista Elizabeth


It’s our heart to connect with you! Get plugged in and make new friendships. Were firm believer’s in a good cup of tea and great cups of coffee!


Here at Brave life we believe In the idea of growing together through opportunity. Giving space in yearly events for churches and non profits to connect and building relationship with everyone in our community


Here at Brave life we are firm believers of partnering with our community to reach Brave goals and in doing so growing in unity and in our personal lives click here for Brave life’s community initiatives

Working In Partnership With

It takes a city to reach a city.


 All About Us

Brave Life was founded by 2014. We have a wonderful lead team from various churches and buisness within the city of Stratford. We believe in bringing women within the city and the community as a whole together.  We believe that each person has something unique to share God’s  with this world.
Brave life has theee core values
Connect : building friendships within our community
Grow: creating space within our community to grow our unique gift
Give: creating opportunities to give to our community

To get involved in community initiatives or events, click the button below.

Next Upcoming Event
17 September 2019
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We would like to thank the following businesses for their partnership in our outreach efforts.  If you’d be interested in contributing to one of our upcoming projects, fill out the contact form.

Start a Conversation

We are all about connecting with people.  We would love to hear from you.

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